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Man, what a week.  Check out the blog for more.  On a happier note - my list of Art Books is finally up!  (Which also means the books are off my floor)  Whoo.

Hey!  Wait a minute!  What are you doing here?  You probably don't want this page, you want my Grand High Licensed List or something.  Which has moved from here anyway!!  (The link above does work though.)

Or maybe just maybe you want Shoujo Manga in the USA?  Well its there - and appears to be working at last.  Any problems - mail is below!

Navigation is on the left.  Shoo shoo!!

What you're still here?  Stubborn! Fine, my name is Mariela Ortiz, 25 years old, usually a full time music student (voice - soprano), part time computer chick, former part time anime reviewer.  Happy?  My one true talent - I make lists.  Yes, almost all my web pages are glorified lists.

So if you are insanely bored you can look at my "More Lists" section to the left.

What is Mariela doing/thinking/reading right now?

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